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The Woolfer

Hair, Shoulders, Knees and Elbows

by Tulani Bridgewater-Kowalski

October 2019

skin /skin/ (noun) 

the external covering or integument of an animal body, especially when soft and flexible.

Soft and flexible…that’s becoming a problem. If you’re like me, the older I am the more dry I become and the more challenging it is to combat. The entirety of my epidermis is desiccating and it’s neither comfortable or pleasant to behold. It’s also a pet peeve. 


As a woman of color, in particular, it’s just not okay to walk around “ashy” and don’t let anyone lead you to believe that being not “of color” gets anyone off the lubrication hook. We ALL need to keep our hides in good condition, if not for looks, then for health and comfort. 


I’m sharing a few products that have worked for me. I’m not “every woman”, but I try to think of every woman. That said, please let us know your favorites. We’re always looking to learn and share. After all, that’s The Woolfer way!


My hands are dry, like I’ve been trudging through the desert…dragging my knuckles behind me and my nails are absurdly brittle. I really like the Clarins Hand and Nail Treatment Cream relatively lightweight without a cloying scent or residual stickiness.This cream helps me keep hands hydrated and nails, dare I say…lovely. Best of all, it helps fight age spots, which is a big “Yay!”. It has 15 SPF built in, so that added bonus coupled with the relatively reasonable price make this a win. You can also use it on your feet!

Clarins Hand and Nail Treatment Cream
Olay Total Effects 7 in One



Oil of Olay “Total Effects 7 Benefits-in-1” SPF 15. I love this moisturizer. For one, I can get it almost anywhere and on the affordability scale of reasonable to outrageous, it’s firmly in the not hideous price-point. Second, it has SPF built in. I won’t say I’m lazy, but I will say I’m pressed for time and sometimes forgetful. Having the sun protection integrated into the cream is stellar. It’s lightweight, unscented and doesn’t clog pores. I’m committed for life!


It’s an elixir and aromatherapy rolled into one! The Kiehl’s “Midnight Recovery Concentrate” is a combination of lavender and evening primrose oils, which sends me off to sleep in a state of bliss. It also helps hydrate and smooth fine lines. As Martha says, “That’s a good thing.” 

Yassi's Butta
Queen Helene Cocoa Butter


Anyone who knows me knows I’m all about the “butters”. This is where I get zealous. I use Yassi’s Butta... Full disclosure, the creator, Yasmin Wade, is a good friend and a fellow Woolfer. As much as I love her, if it was a garbage product, I wouldn’t share…ever…because I have principles. I love this stuff. It’s organic, keeps my “hide” moisturized from the “rooter to the tooter”, as we say back home. I love it and I could actually spread it on toast. I won’t, because that’s weird, but that’s how natural it is. Love it, love her…it’s just a love fest.


When I run out of the Butta and I’m out of town, I use Queen Helene’s Cocoa Butter Crème for days when I’m feeling utterly desiccated. It’s amazing and I smell like baked goods. If I can’t eat them, I should at least get to smell them. When I’m just moderately dry, I use Monoï Tiki Tahiti Ylang Ylang Coconut Oil. My preferred scent is Ylang-Ylang, but they have a full range of “flavors” to fit most.


Hope some of my favorites become some of yours!

Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate
Monoi Tiki Tahiti Ylang Ylang
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